Wednesday, December 30, 2009

happy new year

i have sort of abandoned my blogsite for the past year. a lot of things happened---sad, bad, good, happy and the best---all of it in a year's time.
as this year is about to end, i could not believe i survived this year's "joke" on me. i went through a lot of difficult times, hurt a lot of people but i also made a lot of people happy. with the decisions i made, whether they were wrong or right, one thing is for sure...i survived and I'm happy. The Lord has been so generous and so loving in spite of all the burden I added i added to His cross.
To all of you who have made my life lighter in spite of the pain and hurt, I thank you and I wish you will still be there in the years to come.
To all of you whom i did hurt at one point or another, I sincerely apologize and I hope we'll be able to rebuild the friendship that was once there.
To my family who was with me through all of it, thank you and i love you.
To my friends who never judged nor condemned me for what i did, thank you.
To my baby Gabby and my husband Rey, i did all those things because of you.
Happy new year everyone!


bricalz said...

Hoy doc, nabuhi na ka? Haha

Anhi nya Cebu, Oct 23, 2010. 3 pm. Redemptorist Church, hehe. Guess who's getting married? Hahaha

Bring Gabby too.

Oh and I think Gaya will probably want to invite you to hers pud. Hahaha

mona said...

yes!finally nabuhi nako balik.resurrected na.hahaha...
i'm looking forward to your wedding..
happy new year!

Ligaya said...

Aiiee! Hehe! Mao diay perteng tawag ni Tonet nako gabii (nga wa nako natubag kay nag-gotch na ko). Welcome doc!!! Hehe! Will let you know if naa na mi date and place hehehehehehe :)