Sunday, January 3, 2010

best new year gift....

We started the year 2010 with a positive pregnancy that'll make us four before this year ends. there's another member of our small family around do we feel?hmmm..., it's like a big bang of firecrackers as we celebrate the new year.

Thank you dear God for a new gift, a new life in my womb..

Best new year ever.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

happy new year

i have sort of abandoned my blogsite for the past year. a lot of things happened---sad, bad, good, happy and the best---all of it in a year's time.
as this year is about to end, i could not believe i survived this year's "joke" on me. i went through a lot of difficult times, hurt a lot of people but i also made a lot of people happy. with the decisions i made, whether they were wrong or right, one thing is for sure...i survived and I'm happy. The Lord has been so generous and so loving in spite of all the burden I added i added to His cross.
To all of you who have made my life lighter in spite of the pain and hurt, I thank you and I wish you will still be there in the years to come.
To all of you whom i did hurt at one point or another, I sincerely apologize and I hope we'll be able to rebuild the friendship that was once there.
To my family who was with me through all of it, thank you and i love you.
To my friends who never judged nor condemned me for what i did, thank you.
To my baby Gabby and my husband Rey, i did all those things because of you.
Happy new year everyone!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

i'm back

actually, i have not decided on a topic to write about yet..i just made a reappearance (hehehe)..well, i'm happy because i've been free from nausea, vomiting and dizziness for the past 2 days. i get to eat what i usually eat before my pregnancy..i get to work around the house, go to the market and do my own grocery shopping..after so long, i'm finally my own self again except for my growing tummy....i now feel better and i'm just so happy that my world is no longer confined in the four corners of my husband is just as happy because we get to spend time together the way we used to before i became pregnant..hopefully, this would continue until the day that i'll give birth..
by the way, i miss you brian, gaya and tonette..make good in the board exams..maski top 10 ra okay na..hehehe...i'm looking forward to seeing you guys when you come back here after the exams..hope we could get together again..Good luck and God bless you....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

some risks

about 5 days ago, i had my first prenatal check-up (pnc). i was alone because rey went to Manila to process some papers. we initially planned to be together on my first pnc however due to the hypogastric discomfort that i felt, i decided to go with it without him. my obstetrician is a friend and mentor, dr. Q decided i should have a transvaginal utz (tvs) and we scheduled it that afternoon. i was a bit afraid of what the results could be but at the same time i was excited. dr. Q said the baby is there with a heartbeat but there's subchorionic hemorrhage and poor decidualization...i was downhearted. i was advised to have complete bed rest for at least 2 weeks then we need to repeat the utz to see if i can go back to work after that. i was also given some medication which i am taking religiously.

after the utz, i went home with a headache that's so unbearable (probably from caffeine withdrawal or tension or migraine but more like a combination of all). it was followed with severe bouts of vomiting and epigastric pain that was so severe i was crying already. come to think of it, i was there alone. i tried sending a text message to my husband who was still in Manila then but i can't even open my eyes due to the pain. i was able to talk to him some 6 hours later. luckily, he was able to get a ticket back to dumaguete the following day.

when he arrived, his kalbaryo started (hahaha..that's his line). i started ordering him to do this and that. in fairness to him, he did not complain during the first 2 days but in the days that followed he told me we should get a helper. hahaha...poor husband. actually, he got mad after i made him cook something but when it was served i told him i don't like what he cooked. there's a lot more of the "tortures" i know that my husband is suffering right now. but i can't blame myself. could be the hormones plus the fact that my back and sacrum aches already from being glued to bed for 6 days now. wow. 8 days more....i tried going to the bathroom after my second day of bed rest and took a bath there. however, i had some vaginal spotting which added to my complicated bed rest..

right now, i just find joy in my coming baby and i am making myself busy with surfing and reading and watching tv (when the waves of nausea aren't there to attack me). hopefully, we'll be able to get through this...

this is our first after 4 long years of waiting. there is that risk of losing though i'm so afraid to admit it...but come to think of it, the Lord granted our prayers to have a baby and i'm thankful for that. come what may, the fact remains that there is that one Being who listens.....

Friday, May 30, 2008

finally...., a family

i'm back. after more than a month of not being able to post. well, i guess i have a valid excuse.hehehe. my husband came home after a year of work abroad... and it would have been a sin if i didn't made time to be with my husband, right?besides, we wanted to have a baby and that explains for the length of time i took off from work and from posting as well.

actually, we planned to go somewhere in asia but due to my tardiness, i wasn't able to have my passport ready so we ended up changing the plans.

during the first few days of may, i had to attend a convention in manila and since my husband was in town i brought him with me. the pharmaceutical company who sponsored my trip was so accommodating and gave a room for both of us. we stayed in manila hotel where general McArthur stayed daw during his time in the Philippines.the hotel has a room named after him, the McArthur suite located in the 5th floor. something i learned from the laundry person there. we stayed there for 5 days. it was like a honeymoon for us since we were not able to have one after the wedding (i was reviewing for the boards when we got married). it was fun. we had side trips as well like going to the PBB house due to ryan's insistence. the highlight of the sidetrip was the trip to corregidor. but i'll have a separate post for that.hehehe

i had to set aside the corregidor trip because i'm getting farther away from my title. this post is actually intended to let everyone know that yes, i'm 6 weeks pregnant na. finally, the prayers were answered. and i want to thank those who made a prayer after my appeal to help us pray for a baby. after 4 years of trying, we're finally expecting one. Praise God!

we're just so happy and excited. as you can see, both of us were hoping but we tried not to keep our hopes high for fear of failing again. but we tried. the vacation made us feel no pressure and relaxed. we just allowed ourselves to enjoy each other's company for the rest of our stay in Bantayan island. and we did. we enjoyed every second we were together.

during the 2nd half of may, i noticed that i had an insatiable appetite for almost anything. it was so unusual because i had to make kulit for my husband to cook something for me in the middle of the night. it initially amused him but later it irritated him.hehehe..aside from that, no other signs and symptoms of possible pregnancy was noted. when it was only 2 days before my expected period, i sneaked into the bathroom to have a pregtest. i did not inform anyone that i was going to do it. it turned out negative so i guess i did the right thing of keeping it to myself. i was sad.

when i was a few days delayed, i started to feel the signs and symptoms. i was nauseated for most of the day but mostly just waves of nausea. i started to note that my sense of smell has intensified that i feel nauseated easily. i started to lose my appetite in the days that followed. both of us decided not to take a preg test. why? in our past experience, even if i was 2 weeks delayed the test turned out negative.hehehe. and so we waited. on may 25, on our way out, i commented on the bag my husband was about to bring. he decided to change the bag into a paper bag. i shouted my comment and he was offended but he let that pass. while we were in howyang eating, he said that i had the worst moods in the last 3 days. he suggested we take the test but i said no. he insisted and so i said go and buy one. without a word, he left and came back with a test kit. when we reached home, i decided i'm going to take the test. at that point, my only concern was to rule out pregnancy so i could indulge in my coffee intake (which my husband tried to curtail since i was a day delayed). to my surprise, the 2 lines appeared. i wasn't able to contain my happiness and told my husband. he was so happy i cried. after so long, we finally are pregnant...Praise God!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

time off from work

as promised here are the pictures from the nicest hotel i've ever been - the hilton hotel in mactan island, cebu....

this is the fascinating view when we arrived about an hour after lunch. whew! breathtaking....

what made me say this is the nicest hotel? hehe. i'm too shallow for this one. it's just because the hotel's motif is pink and i soooo love pink.

by the way, i did not take these pictures. i don't have the talent and the skill for it. that's why i wanna say thank you to my official photographer (hehehe) jubert.

though my stay was short, i enjoyed it from the view to even the smallest details. the staff were so courteous and i just love the big rooms.

the orange thing i'm holding is the official mascot of the hilton hotel in cebu. it is aptly named sebu.
see how lovely and breathtaking hilton hotel is especially during the night....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

just a glimpse

part of being a doctor is the perks afforded to us by people especially the pharmaceutical industries. my favorite is the fact that i get to travel... travel with pay, feed my hungry brains with new discoveries and meet new friends. so here's a few....

clark, pampanga.....we attended the midyear convention of the PAFP. i was with my co residents weng and paul. the place was nice and peaceful and soooo clean. we stayed at holiday inn hotel where the bacons are just amazingly delicious.

taken during the annual convention of PAFP in 2007. we were made to make a poster of the best practices in our department. this was posted in PICC. during this time, we stayed in century park hotel. i was with my coresidents intsik and styx with our chairman also. what was memorable about this trip was the dinner we had at claire dela fuente seafood and grill. the sumptuous meal served was just heaven.

PAFP annual convention last february 2008. this convention is the most memorable because i was invited to present a family case presentation on my patient with congenital hypothyroidism. i was honored but at the same time i was so nervous. like i told everyone else, i felt like i was going into a seizure fit few minutes prior to my presentation as seen by the pallor in the picture below. hehehe

see what i mean. it was a nerve-wracking experience. it was my first and hopefully not my last. i love sharing what i have learned and so i'm willing to present more cases in the future.

i should not forget bethel guest house where the first postgraduate course sponsored by the department of family medicine of silliman medical center was held last december 2007 during our 10th anniversary.i'm proud to say that we were the working committee of this successful postgrad. here's a glimpse of the hardworking people behind the success of this activity. this serves as my way of saying thank you to all of you.

next trip was waterfront hotel in cebu during the summit 2008 of Schering Plough last march. i was with the "oldies". we had fun, we joined the share ka na ba game and we emerged as champion.

charnes lang ni na picture.hehehe

last sept 2007 we went to the city of smiles for the PSECP annual convention. we were a big group. we had a convoy of 3 cars as we made our trip from dumaguete to bacolod where we had to stop several times since one of the cars got some problems with overheating. that was a long but fun trip. after the convention, we went to the old and famous gaston house in silay city where we had so much fun as we traced the roots of the gaston family.

just last weekend, i went to hilton hotel in cebu for another lecture. the place was so amazing. i loved it because it's the hotel where everything from the outside is pink. i love the view from the bar especially at night. unfortunately, my pictures from there are still in the cam which i left in the clinic. so let's just make do of my "self-portrait". the rest of the pictures will be posted in my next posts.

my trip to mambukal resort was also a memorable one. we witnessed the masskara festival and then we made our way to mambukal where the view was breathtaking and the food was just so sinfully delicious (reminds me of the cakes and coffee in calea).

with my bestfriends...

see you in my next post..