Friday, May 30, 2008

finally...., a family

i'm back. after more than a month of not being able to post. well, i guess i have a valid excuse.hehehe. my husband came home after a year of work abroad... and it would have been a sin if i didn't made time to be with my husband, right?besides, we wanted to have a baby and that explains for the length of time i took off from work and from posting as well.

actually, we planned to go somewhere in asia but due to my tardiness, i wasn't able to have my passport ready so we ended up changing the plans.

during the first few days of may, i had to attend a convention in manila and since my husband was in town i brought him with me. the pharmaceutical company who sponsored my trip was so accommodating and gave a room for both of us. we stayed in manila hotel where general McArthur stayed daw during his time in the Philippines.the hotel has a room named after him, the McArthur suite located in the 5th floor. something i learned from the laundry person there. we stayed there for 5 days. it was like a honeymoon for us since we were not able to have one after the wedding (i was reviewing for the boards when we got married). it was fun. we had side trips as well like going to the PBB house due to ryan's insistence. the highlight of the sidetrip was the trip to corregidor. but i'll have a separate post for that.hehehe

i had to set aside the corregidor trip because i'm getting farther away from my title. this post is actually intended to let everyone know that yes, i'm 6 weeks pregnant na. finally, the prayers were answered. and i want to thank those who made a prayer after my appeal to help us pray for a baby. after 4 years of trying, we're finally expecting one. Praise God!

we're just so happy and excited. as you can see, both of us were hoping but we tried not to keep our hopes high for fear of failing again. but we tried. the vacation made us feel no pressure and relaxed. we just allowed ourselves to enjoy each other's company for the rest of our stay in Bantayan island. and we did. we enjoyed every second we were together.

during the 2nd half of may, i noticed that i had an insatiable appetite for almost anything. it was so unusual because i had to make kulit for my husband to cook something for me in the middle of the night. it initially amused him but later it irritated him.hehehe..aside from that, no other signs and symptoms of possible pregnancy was noted. when it was only 2 days before my expected period, i sneaked into the bathroom to have a pregtest. i did not inform anyone that i was going to do it. it turned out negative so i guess i did the right thing of keeping it to myself. i was sad.

when i was a few days delayed, i started to feel the signs and symptoms. i was nauseated for most of the day but mostly just waves of nausea. i started to note that my sense of smell has intensified that i feel nauseated easily. i started to lose my appetite in the days that followed. both of us decided not to take a preg test. why? in our past experience, even if i was 2 weeks delayed the test turned out negative.hehehe. and so we waited. on may 25, on our way out, i commented on the bag my husband was about to bring. he decided to change the bag into a paper bag. i shouted my comment and he was offended but he let that pass. while we were in howyang eating, he said that i had the worst moods in the last 3 days. he suggested we take the test but i said no. he insisted and so i said go and buy one. without a word, he left and came back with a test kit. when we reached home, i decided i'm going to take the test. at that point, my only concern was to rule out pregnancy so i could indulge in my coffee intake (which my husband tried to curtail since i was a day delayed). to my surprise, the 2 lines appeared. i wasn't able to contain my happiness and told my husband. he was so happy i cried. after so long, we finally are pregnant...Praise God!


bricalz said...

Congratulations doc!

I think the reason why wa ra au react imu labydoo una kay because that's your natural state. Hahahaha

Btaw, we're all very happy for you. At least kami napud ang magpahilak sa imo anak. Hahaha

Hopefully, mangsunod ra mi tanan. Haha Ma-doctor man. Haha

Ness said...

Great news, Mona! Congratulations gyud!! Yehey!

Pag-auau sa imong pregnancy.

mona said...

bri ha, wedding na diay dayon ni after the board exam..

hahaha..thank you...

mona said...

doc ness, thank you for the greetings..