Thursday, April 24, 2008

time off from work

as promised here are the pictures from the nicest hotel i've ever been - the hilton hotel in mactan island, cebu....

this is the fascinating view when we arrived about an hour after lunch. whew! breathtaking....

what made me say this is the nicest hotel? hehe. i'm too shallow for this one. it's just because the hotel's motif is pink and i soooo love pink.

by the way, i did not take these pictures. i don't have the talent and the skill for it. that's why i wanna say thank you to my official photographer (hehehe) jubert.

though my stay was short, i enjoyed it from the view to even the smallest details. the staff were so courteous and i just love the big rooms.

the orange thing i'm holding is the official mascot of the hilton hotel in cebu. it is aptly named sebu.
see how lovely and breathtaking hilton hotel is especially during the night....

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