Tuesday, April 22, 2008

just a glimpse

part of being a doctor is the perks afforded to us by people especially the pharmaceutical industries. my favorite is the fact that i get to travel... travel with pay, feed my hungry brains with new discoveries and meet new friends. so here's a few....

clark, pampanga.....we attended the midyear convention of the PAFP. i was with my co residents weng and paul. the place was nice and peaceful and soooo clean. we stayed at holiday inn hotel where the bacons are just amazingly delicious.

taken during the annual convention of PAFP in 2007. we were made to make a poster of the best practices in our department. this was posted in PICC. during this time, we stayed in century park hotel. i was with my coresidents intsik and styx with our chairman also. what was memorable about this trip was the dinner we had at claire dela fuente seafood and grill. the sumptuous meal served was just heaven.

PAFP annual convention last february 2008. this convention is the most memorable because i was invited to present a family case presentation on my patient with congenital hypothyroidism. i was honored but at the same time i was so nervous. like i told everyone else, i felt like i was going into a seizure fit few minutes prior to my presentation as seen by the pallor in the picture below. hehehe

see what i mean. it was a nerve-wracking experience. it was my first and hopefully not my last. i love sharing what i have learned and so i'm willing to present more cases in the future.

i should not forget bethel guest house where the first postgraduate course sponsored by the department of family medicine of silliman medical center was held last december 2007 during our 10th anniversary.i'm proud to say that we were the working committee of this successful postgrad. here's a glimpse of the hardworking people behind the success of this activity. this serves as my way of saying thank you to all of you.

next trip was waterfront hotel in cebu during the summit 2008 of Schering Plough last march. i was with the "oldies". we had fun, we joined the share ka na ba game and we emerged as champion.

charnes lang ni na picture.hehehe

last sept 2007 we went to the city of smiles for the PSECP annual convention. we were a big group. we had a convoy of 3 cars as we made our trip from dumaguete to bacolod where we had to stop several times since one of the cars got some problems with overheating. that was a long but fun trip. after the convention, we went to the old and famous gaston house in silay city where we had so much fun as we traced the roots of the gaston family.

just last weekend, i went to hilton hotel in cebu for another lecture. the place was so amazing. i loved it because it's the hotel where everything from the outside is pink. i love the view from the bar especially at night. unfortunately, my pictures from there are still in the cam which i left in the clinic. so let's just make do of my "self-portrait". the rest of the pictures will be posted in my next posts.

my trip to mambukal resort was also a memorable one. we witnessed the masskara festival and then we made our way to mambukal where the view was breathtaking and the food was just so sinfully delicious (reminds me of the cakes and coffee in calea).

with my bestfriends...

see you in my next post..


GONG said...

hi Doctor Mona, After i finished reading your inspirational post, I scroll up again to glance at your awesome pics. I suddenly pinned my eyes to someone who looks familiar to me. 2nd pic from top, (the annual convention of PAFP) somebody looks familiar. I think she's my Tita Linda. (Erlinda Lim Juan) If im right, then "smallworld" should i go singin..hehehe...Nice post btw....:)

ian said...

hi doc mona! this could very well be an advertisement for the department of tourism =] inviting you to join The Blog Rounds edition 7 =] "mission" details are in my blog =] hope you can join!

GONG said...

! that was a surprise. Apparently, its a small world after all! Good to know that too, i can see my Bro finally found a job he loves, thanks to you.

From now on, dropping by here at your blog would be one of my daily rounds.

Good Luck on Healing people. I always envy your profession just liked i envied my tita. I just dont have the guts. hehehe.

GOD Bless!