Sunday, March 30, 2008

from internal med to family med

Passion. Work becomes so easy and enjoyable when you're passionate about it. You always look forward to the next day or next time that you'll be at work. You have so much enthusiasm you might drown in it. When you're passionate about your work, you wouldn't care whether you get paid for the hours you spend in work or not. it's just so nice to be it work or anything else.
some 4 years ago, i was with the department of internal medicine of Silliman Medical Center because i wanted to be a cardiologist in the future. unfortunately, the training program was suspended hence i was not able to finish it. it was my first job after taking the board exams. though i was apprehensive, i was excited to start working since internal medicine is my first love. i have always wanted to be an internist because for me, it's so challenging, unpredictable and mind-boggling. when you're dealing with adult medical patients, it's like solving a puzzle (reminds me of the rubik's cube). the patients are never simple...they're complicated and yet, when you get to have the puzzle fit into the right places....they become simple. back then, i love being busy with patients whether morbid or not. i love the feeling of not being able to sleep during the night because i was so busy trying to figure out the disease the patients is's so rewarding to see your patients in the morning smiling so happily because the dyspnea is no longer there...well, that's just one side of the coin. the other side of course is known to most if not all of us. we also lose patients because either we were not able to figure out in time what he/she is sick of or he/she came in late and we cannot do anything more to save him/her or it's time for him/her to go. it is then that our enthusiasm wanes. we get a little depressed especially if you tried really hard to save that patient. but then we know that all of us has to go. i think what's good is that we see a lot of patients getting well than the number of patients that die in the hospital. that's quite a blessing.

some 2 years ago, after trying my best to have the internal med department reaccredited and failed, i decided to transfer to another specialty which was foreign to me then. that is where i am now - family medicine. i said foreign because it was not incorporated in my subjects during med school. the decision was not really because i wanted to be a family physician but because it was the only accredited department in the hospital at that time and i don't want to train anywhere else than Silliman. (it's about the place and the people and the pedicab and the peace i found in this city). when i started my training in family medicine, the passion i had when i started in internal med started to falter. the scope of family med is so different from internal med. family med involves so much emotion in dealing with patients especially when you're in the stage where you don't know how to do bracketing and how to emphatize rather than sympathize. it's a different specialty since it's sometimes energy-draining. plus the fact of course that you get to see patients of all ages with all sorts of disease from organic to inorganic disease. it might sound like i regret being part of family med rather than internal med. well, in a way, yes. but..., i am happy where i am now. being in family med made me a more humane physician than I've been when i was in internal med. it made me reach out to the inner self of my patients and i get the privilege of treating the whole family rather than the patient alone. though the passion is no longer as strong as before, it comes in a different package now. i look forward to knowing and figuring out why my patient is acting this way and not that way. i also get to know my patients well - that is biomedically, psychologically and socially. that's what separate and distinguish family physicians from the rest of the specialties - the biopsychosocial approach...

so, i guess the change i made is not that bad at all. i am starting to think that this could really be God's plan for me. with my achievements so far, i think i'll be a good family physician in the future (assuming^). i realized that being in family med is a gives a more meaningful definition of a physician....

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bricalz said...

You know what they say doc, blossom where you're planted.

You're a great doctor, "duck", hehe, I'd trust you with my life kung ako ma.admit. Hehehe.

You love (or grow to love) what you do and that's what counts.